Family, Business, Illness

Wow, I haven’t had a free moment!

First I was ill for about a week and a half. Then I got busy with my duties as Treasurer and Assistant Clerk of an organization I belong to. And now I am expecting all three of my children from the USA to visit me here in the UK on Sunday and Monday. Where do I start? Where is the time? What do I do first? LOL

One good note. There is actual evidence of Autumn in my garden! My favorite season!!!!



Taking Care of Myself

Forgive the inactivity, but I’ve not been well. An infection of some kind has me on antibiotics, bed-rest, etc. and when that happens, I don’t feel much like thinking, let alone writing.  Will be back soon, possums. Blessings.

Another Favorite Tarot

When I first began collecting tarot cards, I came across this deck, which has proven, along with the detailed and quite interesting guide-book, to be my one of my favorite decks. Carol Bridges even put a note into the deck when I bought it.

IMG_20150828_145302The Medicine Woman Tarot by Carol Bridges

There is no telling which decks speak to you and which don’t. There are those decks that I initially see online and think ‘wow’! and then get them home, unwrap them, and find that they don’t feel right or that I’m having a very hard time intuitively reading them. If I go to the guidebook too often to get a sense of what they are saying, then they aren’t for me. Carol Bridges’ book is the exception because she puts so much information in her guidebook other than just the meanings of the cards. They are colorful and playful and I can normally tell what they are about.

The Wild Unknown, which I posted a pic of in a previous blog post, is one of the very first obscure decks that actually speak to me with very little imagery to go on, so there’s no knowing which decks these are until you get them in your own hands. I’m expecting two decks in the mail; Prisma Visions and an Oracle deck that looks quite interesting.  I’m looking forward to those. Another deck I’ve my eye on is the Alice Tarot from Baba Studios (but it’s a bit expensive).

Tarot Art

One of my obsessive loves is Tarot card collecting. Like books (another obsession), I see a tarot deck and MUST have it.  I am amazed at the size of my collection when I actually look through all of them. I photographed a couple of my favorite decks.

IMG_20150826_133929The Wild Unknown deck.

IMG_20150826_125929The Wildwood Tarot

I notice now that both have the word ‘wild’ in them and I suppose that epitomizes what I wish I was more of.  I wish that I listened to more of the wild in me rather than the tamed. I have been tamed so much; bound, tightened, straightened. I want to unbend, unwind, and luxuriantly spread out to my fullest extent without shame or regard to someone else’s wishes.

Both of these decks have animals that figure prominently. I prefer animals to people. Animals are somehow innocent and raw. They don’t live by complicated moral systems. They just live. When I handle these decks I feel free. I imagine what they have to tell me, not in a prophetic way, but how my soul responds.

Just Write

Many of my friends and family have said to me, “You ought to write a book”! because I’ve got some interesting views on things and had an interesting, if not completely happy, life. When they say this, they believe that somehow a book will magically sell and make money. They assume all sorts of ideas about being a writer.

For me, I don’t necessarily want to write a book. I just want to write. We live in a world obsessed with goals. If we don’t have a goal, we are considered a slacker and somehow missing the mark of a successful person. Yet, many of the things I do in life aren’t aiming for any particular end. Life itself, for one. Unlike my fundamentalist family, I do not care what happens to me at the end of life. In fact, I don’t want my life to end because of cats, books, food, rain, trees, beautiful nature, you name it. Spiritual things are not an end for me. Therefore, I don’t care what form my writing ends up in; for me it’s the writing itself I love.

At university, I had the same problem. I loved the research and the note-taking. I loved the reading of books to find more information for my essays. But the essay itself was only a goal because my professors said it should be. The gathering of information and writing about it was the fun part.  The same with earning a Master of Arts degree. The process was the most fun, not what I could do with it. That was beside the point. Much like asking a childless woman when they are going to have a baby, I got no end of comments like, “What are you going to do now? Teach?”  Uh, no.

I’m just thankful I exist and am enjoying the ride while I’m still here.